Mountains + Waterfalls of North Georgia | Jack Anthony



Jack Anthony's new book is about north Georgia's wonders of nature and titled Mountains and Waterfalls of North Georgia.  North Georgia has many attractions that appeal to residents and visitors alike: festivals, orchards, wineries, and small towns and villages. But the attractions that most appeal to our sensibilities and, indeed, rest our soul are these beautiful mountains and the waters that flow from them.

Mountain heights, valley vistas, tumbling streams and cascading waterfalls call out to us to visit these wonders of nature. Using photographs and text this book encourages readers to explore even more the beauty of our natural heritage.  This edition has an expansive photographic collection of both spectacular mountain scenery and the abundant waterfalls interspersed throughout the mountain region.

No private waterfalls are included but several significant waterfalls not in the previous book are displayed. Most of the places shown are easily accessible and within a two hour drive of a large population of Georgians.

Directions to all of the points of interest are included.  Edited by Marilyn Oberhausen.