April 2012

It's the Bear on the Square Festival!

It's time for the 2012 Bear on the Square Festival!  This April 21st and 22nd, welcome to the Dahlonega, Georgia town square bushels of bluegrass musicians and hand-crafted vendors.  Why Bear on the Square?  True story - when they cleared the land for our local Wal-Mart, a bear family was displaced.  one of the bears made it all the way to the town square and CLIMBED A TREE!  The forest service had to be called in to tranquilize the bear (don't worry, it was released unharmed back into the wild!).  Sensing an excuse to throw a party, the locals started our annual festival to commemorate the little bear's journey to literally - the top of the square!
Cranberry Corners will be open all weekend, so stop by and pick up a Mother's Day Gift and maybe a little gossip, too! 

Customer buys earrings...and adopts a cat!

We loved receiving this wall post on the Cranberry Corners facebook page!  Once a week, we host a kitty inside the store to help out the wonderful people at the Dahlonega Humane Society.  Woodland's Edge, our neighbors, host a puppy each week!  We've had decent success with finding the pets adoptive homes...


Deck the halls with boughs of - everything!  All year long!  We've got a huge selection of Christmas goodies - greeting cards, glass ornaments, Fontanini nativities, Byer's Choice Carolers ready for you to ooh and aah over...