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October. One of Dahlonega's Most FUN Months!

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October is a busy month on the square in Dahlonega! We just got finished with the Gold Rush festival, and now we're beginning to welcome those coming to town to check out our gorgeous changing leaves. And as our grand finale, Halloween! If you've never visited, you're missing out! Be sure to plan a trip with your family in the future. Here's what to expect.

Dahlonega Has the Best Halloween Celebration. Don't Doubt Us!

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For 3 SOLID hours, Dahlonega's not so spooky square was PACKED with trick-or-treaters! Thousands of ghouls, super heroes, princesses, and...dinosaurs roamed the square getting their bags filled with delicious candy from all our merchants. Looking for the most family friendly, endearing and SAFE Halloween activity next year? Come see us!