The Art of Decorating With Antiques

There is a fine art to decorating with antiques - especially if you want your space to retain a somewhat modern feel.  That's why we're tipping our hat to Cranberry Corners customer Sara L. for these photos she sent, showing how she'd decorated her new home with antiques purchased at our humble gift shop...

Vintage items in our shop tend to fly out the door, so we don't get a chance to list them in our online store.  The best way to score great antiques is to visit our brick and mortar shop - we've always got a large selection.  Come in October for Gold Rush Days - that's when our stock is highest! 

Back to the subject of applauding Sara's hgtv-worthy skils - this white bowl looks great with her black and white marble countertops.  Why do fruits and vegetables always look so festive when used as a centerpiece?!

An antique mirror backsplash...what a great idea!  Loving that you can see behind yourself when cooking.

The vintage corbels below look amazing as plate stands - but Sara said she used them as book ends in her previous home...


Thank you for sharing these photos of your beautiful home, Sara!


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